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bat·phone:| 'bæt 'foʊn| n.

1. A secret, additional mobile phone often used for underhand purposes, typically secret relationships.

Mobile phones may have the power to connect people but they can also tear us apart. If you own a secret second phone that you're hiding from your partner, like one in ten Brits do, it might be time to trade it in.

Having a sneaky Bat Phone doesn't make you a super hero, and more than 1 in 5 Brits would assume their partner was cheating if they found one (check out our interesting research here).

Why not avoid any unnecessary arguments by taking part in our handy Bat Phone Amnesty? Simply type in your phone model, get an instant price and send it to us for FREE in exchange for a fast same day payment. Being honest couldn't be more profitable, so sell your phone with musicMagpie today.

  • 1

    have a crisis
    of conscience

  • 2

    type your phone
    make below

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    send to us

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    get paid!